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Drug Category: Imidazole antifungal.


Generic Name: Clotrimazole.


Contents: Gynosporin Cream: Clotrimazole 2%. Gynosporln-1 Vaginal Tabs 500mg: Clotrimazole 500mg, vaginal Tabs.


Indications: Candida! and mixed Candidal/trichomonal vaginal infections.


Dosage: Vaginal Tabs: Adults: 1 tab inserted as single dose at night. Children: Not recom­mended.

Cream: Insert contents of the applicator intravagi­nally at night as a single dose. Children: Not recommended.


Adverse effects: Local mild burning or irritation. Hypersensitivity reactions.


Regn.No:Pack:Trade Prices:Retail Prices:


Cream(008504):35gm: 60.30:70.94.

Vag Tabs(010006) :1's: 60.08:70.68

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