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Drug Category: Broad-spectrum/penicillinase resistant penicillin.


Contents: Caps 250mg: Ampicillin 125mg, cloxacillin 125mg.

Caps 500mg: Ampicillin 250mg, cloxacillin 250mg.

Drops Neonatal: Per 0.6ml: Ampicillin 60mg, cloxacillin 30mg; after reconstitution as per direc­tion mentioned on the pack. Inj 250mg: Ampicillin 125mg, cloxacillin 125mg;vial. Inj 500mg: Ampicillin 250mg, cloxacillin 250mg; vial. Syp: Per 5ml: Ampicillin 125mg, cloxacillin 125mg; after recontitution as per direction mentioned on the pack.


Indications: Respiratory tract infections: Bronchitis, pneumonia, empyema, lung abscess and infec­tions associated with cystic fibrosis. Ear, nose and throat infections: Tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis media and quinsy. Pelvic infections: Septic abortion, salpingitis, puerperpal pyrexia and caesarian section prophylaxis. Urinary tract infec­tions: Cystitis and pyelonephritis. Skin and soft tissue infections: Abscesses, boils, carbuncles and post-operative wound infections. Gastro- in­testinal infections, Septicaemia, endocarditis and orthopaedic infection.


Dosage: Adults: Oral: 500mg-1gm every 6 hours or more frequently according to the severity of the infection. IM Inj: 500mg-1gm every 4-6 hours. IV Inj: 500mg-1gm every 4-6 hours or as indicated by the severity of the infection. IV Infusion: In se­vere infections in adults up to 12gm of Ampiclox may be administered by IV infusion. Children: Oral: Neonates, 0.6ml of Drops every 4 hours; 1 month-2 years, 1/4 adult dose; 2-10 years, 1/2 adult dose IM/IV inj/IV infusion: Neo­nates, 75mg every 8 hours by IM/IV inj; 1 month-2 years, 1/4 adult dose; 2-10 years, 1/2 adult dose.


Contra-ind., Precautions etc: See notes at the begining of this section.


Regn.No:Pack:Trade Prices:Retail Prices:


Caps 250mg(000181):20's: 41.22:48.49.

Caps 250mg(000181): 10O's: 206.11:242.48.

Caps500mg(000182):20's: 71.22:83.79.

Caps 500mg(000182): 100's: 356.11:418.95.

Drops(000183):8ml: 19.45:22.89.

Inj 250mg(000185):10's: 214.40:252.20.

Inj 500mg(000186):10's: 437.75:514.70.

Syp(000194):60ml: 31.46:37.01.

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