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Drug Category: Antihistamine.

Generic Name: Dimenhydrinate.

Contents: Inj: Per 1ml amp: Dimenhydrinate 50mg. Liquid: Per 4ml: Dimenhydrinate 12.5mg. Tabs: Dimenhydrinate 50mg.

Indications: Vertigo. Nausea and vomiting. Motion sickness.

Dosage: Drops/Tabs: Adults: 50-100mg two or three times daily.

Children: Under 1 year not rec­ommended; 1-6 years, 12.5-25mg; 7-12 years, 25-50mg; both two or three times daily.

Inj: By IM/IV in] same quantity as mentioned above.

Contra-lnd., Precautions etc: See notes at the be­ginning of this section.

Regn.No:Pack:Trade Prices:Retail Prices:

lnj(014408):25 amps: 97.04:114.17.

Liq(014409):60ml: 10.37:12.20.

Tabs(014407) :10x10's: 35.23:41.45

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