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Drug Category: Biguanide.


Generic Name: Metformin HCI.


Contents: Tabs 250mg/500mg/850mg/1000mg: Metfomin HCI 250mg/500mg/850mg/1000mg.


 Indications: Maturity-onset diabetes either alone or with sulphonylureas. Adjuvant therpy in insulin-dependent diabetes, particularly in the obese.


 Dosage: Adults: Initially 500mg twice daily or 850mg daily with meals increasing gradually if necessary to max. 3gm daily. Reduce for mainte­nance, usually 3 x 500mg daily in divided doses.


 Contra-ind., Precautions etc: See notes at the begining of this section.


Regn.No:Pack:Trade Prlces:Retall Prices:


Tabs 250mg(026928):100's: 65.66:77.25.

Tabs 500mg(021783):50's: 55.93:65.80.

Tabs 850mg(021784):30's: 48.54:57.10.

Tabs 1000mg(026929):30's: 43.77:51.50

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