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Drug Category: Thiazolidinedione.


Generic Name: Pioglitazone.


Contents: Tabs 15mg/30mg/45mg: Pioglitazone (as hydrochloride) 15mg/30mg/45mg.


Indications: Monotherapy for type II diabetes, par­ticularly overweight patients, inadequately con­trolled by diet and exercise for whom metformin is inappropriate. In combinatin with metformin par-ticuarly in overweight patients, or in combination with a sulphonylurea in patients with an intoler­ance or contraindication to metformin, for type II diabetes inadequentely controlled by max.) toler­ated doses of either metformin or sulphonylurea.


Dosage: Adults: Monotherapy: 15-30mg once daily, increasing to 45mg once daily if necessary.

Combinatin therapy: 15-30mg once daily, in­creasing to 45mg once daily if necessary, in com­bination with current dose of metformin or sulphonylurea.

Children: Not recommended.


Contra-ind: Dialysis, hepatic impairment. Cardiac failure or history of cardiac failure. Pregnancy, lac­tation.


Precautions: Monitor for fulid retention or other signs of cardiac failure (discontinue if deterio­rates). Monitor for signs of heaptic dysfunction and check liver enzymes prior to therapy and every 2 months thereafter for at least 12 months. Monitor body-wt.


Interactions: Insulin (contraindicated), NSAIDs.


Adverse effects: Monotherapy: Visual disturbance, upper respiratory tract infection, weight gain, hy-posaesthesia. With metformin: Anaemia, weight gain, headache, visual disturbance, arthralgia, haematuria, erectile dysfunction, oedema. With a sulphonylurea: Weight gain, dizziness, flatulence, oedema.


Regn.No:Pack:Trade Prices:Retail Prices:


Tabs 15mg(032719):14's: 71.40:84.00.

Tabs 30mg(032720):14's: 124.95:147.00.

Tabs 45mg(032721):14's: 166.60:196.00.

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